Teaching & Assessment

Our teaching and assessment process has been designed so that you can easily and rapidly get a working grasp of the key concepts around using nutrition as a tool for improving health. The number one focus in everything that we teach is that you develop a working understanding of the theory and exactly how to apply it to anyone you are working with. The whole teaching journey within each module is framed in exactly that way. 

Your Learning Journey

Every module, apart from your final project follows the same step by step process:

  • Study the core materials that teach you anatomy & physiology, how normal function changes during disease process, how nutrition fits into this picture as a potential cause and/or as a tool for improving the situation.
  • Take an exam to revise and refine the key concepts.
  • Evaluate case studies and develop an action plan based upon the material you have learned, your own independent research, and key coaching skills.
  • Develop a tailored dietary and meal plan that showcases an understanding of the science and how to apply it, delivered in a practical format - ie the preparation of food.

Teaching Methods and Materials

Everybody learns in a different way. That is why we have a variety of teaching methods that will benefit all types of learners - visual, auditory, those that like to learn in a communal fashion. We have you covered. Using written material, video, audio downloads, and live interactive classes, we offer you a fascinating and engaging learning experience. 

Downloadable Detailed Written Material

Every module contains 60-80% written material, delivered in small manageable bites. All of this material is downloadable and printable so you can take your studies offline. 

Recorded Lectures & Interview Style Sessions

Video is one of the most engaging teaching tools available. Each module features a variety of recorded slide classes, and interview style guest teacher sessions. 

Live monthly 'Open Forum' Classes

Nothing beats live interaction. Every month our Principal will hold a live 'anything goes' class where we can focus on what you want to know and get to know your fellow students. 

Student Support

One of the biggest concerns that you can have as a student is 'what happens if I get stuck or I struggle'? It can be quite a daunting feeling. Here at The Culinary Medicine College we have a complete open door support policy. ANYTIME that you feel you need help and support on anything at all, there are three ways we can offer you support. Email for small issues. When you need to have a chat and go deeper then you can phone our direct number and speak to one of us any time. Finally, if you need more intensive support then we can arrange a zoom call with you and give you all the time you could possibly need. We have got your back through every single step of your studies. 


It is time to take that leap and begin your learning journey with us. If you are ready to deep dive into the fascinating World of nutrition then you are in the right place. Our vibrant student community is spread across every continent. We look forward to welcoming you as our newest family member!

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