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The ORIGINAL and best. The Culinary Medicine College - Diploma in Culinary medicine is a 100% online accredited Nutrition course. You will learn in depth the science of Human anatomy and physiology. How this changes and breaks down in disease process. Then you will learn how Nutrition fits into this picture in the context of both a potential cause, and importantly as a tool to manage or even turn disease around. Once you have this grounding in the theory, you will then learn how to put it into practice by assessing clients needs, habits, and barriers to change, and then develop recipes based around the science and theory, to make this information useable. The course is accredited, and upon graduation you can join a professional body and get insurance to start working straight away!

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As an online nutrition school we have no timescales or deadlines to hold you back. Complete the course in your own time, on any device or platform. 


Learn How to Use Food as Medicine

Learn in depth, the science of nutritional medicine and how to put this in to practice for your clients, followers, readers, or your own family.

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Get Ready to Build an Exciting New Career

Get the skills and competence you need to build a new career, with insurance and professional body membership upon graduation.

The Nation's Health is in Crisis

More than ever we need knowledgeable professionals to support our healthcare system, who can educate and empower patients to take control of their own health. Lifestyle medicine, Social Prescribing, and better self care is the only way out of this woods. Are you ready to make YOUR difference??

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"The case studies really help to put the science and theory into practice."

Mari Craig - Culinary Medicine Student

"I love that I can study in my own time - on my lunch break or on the commute home."

Charmaine Stapleton - Culinary Medicine Student

"I really enjoy the variety in what we do and study and the many ways we learn the material."

Llynda Baugh - Culinary Medicine Studen

"In depth and detailed yet accessible."

Ben Winthrop - Culinary Medicine Graduate

Course Modules

Micronutrients and Phytonutrients
This opening module gives an overview of the micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, Trace elements) and the phytonutrients (plant derived ...
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The healthy Kitchen: How to guide clients to better nutritional foundations
The purpose of this short module is to get your head in the game for the basics that ...
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Dysfunctional Metabolism – The Root of Modern Disease
This may be one of the most important modules. The country is in a healthcare crisis. Diseases such ...
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Joints and Bones
Diseases of the skeleton and the joints are almost universal in an ageing population to one degree or ...
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Mental Health – The Nutrition Connection
We are living in a time when more and more people are finding their mental health challenged. Our ...
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Nutrition and Immunity
Our immune system is our defence agains everything that ails us and keeping it strong is of vital ...
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Skin Health and Common Skin Conditions
Skin conditions, while seldom life threatening, can be some of the most distressing afflictions that we can suffer ...
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Nutrition and Cardiovascular Health
Heart disease and cardiovascular issues are among the biggest killers in the Western World and are represent one ...
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The Digestive System and The Management of Common Digestive Disorders
Digestive issues are one of the most common things that plague us in modern times. Issues that vary ...
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Final Project and Assessment
The final part of this course is a large end of course exam that will encompass all learned ...
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