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  • Learn how to use food as medicine, design therapeutic meal plans, and help others achieve better health through nutrition & diet change. 
  • Study full time or, take as long as you want with flexible self directed study. 
  • No science background necessary.
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Our Teaching Takes You Places

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The 'Diploma in Culinary Medicine' is a course that will take you places. Upon graduation a whole World of opportunities will be at your feet, and our graduate stories never cease to amaze us.  Upon graduation, some of the opportunities open to you are:


  • Build a thriving coaching business.
  • Work 1-to-1 with clients and help them change their eating habits and lifestyle.
  • Work alongside clinical practitioners such as Dietitians and NT's.
  • Develop healthy eating workshops and classes.
  • Work with restaurants, hotels, cafes etc to develop healthy menu's and offerings.
  • Become a published author.
  • Become a media spokesperson for nutrition and wellness.
  • Build an online presence as a wellness influencer or leader, with validity.
  • The ONLY limit is your imagination.

The CMC Difference

  • Our course founder pioneered the field of 'Medicinal Cookery' & Culinary Medicine for over two decades and forged the path for many that followed.
  • Our teachers are World leaders in the fields of Nutrition, Academia, and Conventional Medicine to teach you the subject from an integrated perspective.
  • Designed for REAL life!! COMPLETELY flexible. Take 12 months or 12 years. Start when you want. Work through it at your own pace. Take as long as you need to complete the course.
  • No science background necessary. Full ongoing support through your studies whenever you need it.
  • Internationally accredited with professional body membership and insurance to work as soon as you graduate.
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Build A Career That Will Change Your World, As You Change The World Of Others



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Download the course prospectus for more details and information.

Course Modules

Micronutrients and Phytonutrients
This opening module gives an overview of the micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, Trace elements) and the phytonutrients (plant derived ...
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The healthy Kitchen: How to guide clients to better nutritional foundations
The purpose of this short module is to get your head in the game for the basics that ...
Read More
Dysfunctional Metabolism – The Root of Modern Disease
This may be one of the most important modules. The country is in a healthcare crisis. Diseases such ...
Read More
Joints and Bones
Diseases of the skeleton and the joints are almost universal in an ageing population to one degree or ...
Read More
Mental Health – The Nutrition Connection
We are living in a time when more and more people are finding their mental health challenged. Our ...
Read More
Nutrition and Immunity
Our immune system is our defence agains everything that ails us and keeping it strong is of vital ...
Read More
Skin Health and Common Skin Conditions
Skin conditions, while seldom life threatening, can be some of the most distressing afflictions that we can suffer ...
Read More
Nutrition and Cardiovascular Health
Heart disease and cardiovascular issues are among the biggest killers in the Western World and are represent one ...
Read More
The Digestive System and The Management of Common Digestive Disorders
Digestive issues are one of the most common things that plague us in modern times. Issues that vary ...
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Final Project and Assessment
The final part of this course is a large end of course exam that will encompass all learned ...
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Our Teaching & Assessment Process


Our teaching and assessment process has been designed so that you can easily and rapidly get a working grasp of the key concepts around using nutrition as a tool for improving health. For each module you study you will:


  • Study the core materials that teach you anatomy & physiology, how normal function changes during disease process, how nutrition fits into this picture as a potential cause and/or as a tool for improving the situation.
  • Take an exam to revise and refine the key concepts.
  • Evaluate case studies and develop an action plan based upon the material you have learned, your own independent research, and key coaching skills.
  • Develop a tailored dietary and meal plan that showcases an understanding of the science and how to apply it, delivered in a practical format - ie the preparation of food.




The World Needs Health Educators More Than Ever



Our Teachers

Our team of teaching staff bring together a world of varying expertise. From clinical nutritionists and award winning writers & researchers, through to Doctors and medical professionals who use Nutrition as a key intervention in their own practice. With this breadth of knowledge you will embark on a fascinating and varied learning experience.

See What Our Students Say

"The case studies really help to put the science and theory into practice."

Mari Craig - Culinary Medicine Student

"I love that I can study in my own time - on my lunch break or on the commute home."

Charmaine Stapleton - Culinary Medicine Student

"I really enjoy the variety in what we do and study and the many ways we learn the material."

Llynda Baugh - Culinary Medicine Studen

"In depth and detailed yet accessible."

Ben Winthrop - Culinary Medicine Graduate

Start your exciting new wellness journey with us.

Graduate Success Stories

Cathy Houghton - Blossom Health Coaching

Diploma graduate Cathy Houghton was one of our shining stars from the very beginning of her studies.


Cathy runs a successful coaching business called 'Blossom Health Coaching: Helping women of all ages to improve their relationships with food, develop sustainable eating patterns and manage their health with diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Cathy specialises in:


  • Disorded Eating
  • Midlife Coaching
  • Weight Loss Coaching
  • Managing change during the menopause with diet and lifestyle.


She is also a regular contributor to the media discussing staying healthy during and after the menopause.

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Kelly Little - The Mighty Beetroot

Kelly is a leading example of how people that already have a business in the food and wellness space can use the in depth training from the 'Diploma in Culinary Medicine' to take their business to new heights and explore new markets and opportunities.


"The Mighty Beetroot was initially created as an outlet for my own journey to health after being plagued with many inflammatory joint issues.  

But over the first year, I saw a real need for others to embark on similar journeys and take control of their own health and wellness and that's when I decided to learn more so that I could help others and share what I had learned along the way.  

Here I am now 4 years later as a trained chef but also armed with the knowledge I gained from the Diploma in Culinary Medicine.  

This course gave me sound and reliable theory from which I have developed a training arm of my own business running educational and practical workshops centred around eating for various health issues such as hormonal balancing, mental health, and immunity to name a few. " 






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