The Course & Curriculum

Culinary Medicine - The Art & Science of Using Food and Diet To Prevent and Manage Disease

Our World leading course is an in depth, level 5 Nutrition Diploma. It is a course constructed in such a way that you will gain a very in depth and detailed understanding of the science and application of nutrition. You will understand the role of nutrition in maintaining the health and functioning of each body system. You will also understand how nutrition and diet can be changed and adapted during ill health, and how you can work 1 to 1 with clients to help them restore their health with simple safe dietary change. 

So why 'Culinary Medicine'? Well it is really very simple. When we teach you the science of nutrition, we always relate it back to food. You would be surprised how often nutrition courses, even at degree level, will deliver the science and then just leave it there. From our point of view, nutrition is a powerful healthcare intervention when people actually know WHAT to do! What changes do they have to make to their day to day diet? What about their current diet is causing problems? What simple changes can they make today that will actually directly target and improve their health concerns? This is our point of difference. We take all of the essential science, and then put it into the framework of food. We translate the science into how to make dietary changes accordingly, giving you the opportunity and the tools to develop ideas for recipe creation and diet planning that can make a difference. We teach you how to use food as medicine!


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Module 10 - Your Final Major Project

Once you have worked through all 9 of our taught modules, it is then your chance to take a head first leap into the depths of the area that interests you! Whether it is auto immune conditions, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease. Whatever has really gripped your interest. This is your chance to deeply research this subject and create your in depth dissertation and discussion of the role that nutrition plays in this subject. Once you have created your write up, you will then be tasked with creating a full 7 day meal plan, researched and referenced to the highest evidence led standard.


It is time to take that leap and begin your learning journey with us. If you are ready to deep dive into the fascinating World of nutrition then you are in the right place. Our vibrant student community is spread across every continent. We look forward to welcoming you as our newest family member!

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