Our Teachers

Our teaching staff come from a broad range of backgrounds and specialisms within Nutrition & Healthcare. From family doctor's to academics and clinical nutrition practitioners, we have pulled together a range of expertise to give you the deepest and broadest insight possible into the subject of nutrition, and its importance in healthcare. Our teachers are World leaders in their fields. 

Our Teaching Team on the 'Diploma in Culinary Medicine'

Below are the teachers that you will be learning from when you embark on this fascinating educational experience with us. As we think you will see, you are in very good hands!

Dale Pinnock - School Founder & Principal

A degree and post graduate trained nutritionist with 30 years in the industry. A Sunday Times best selling author of 19 books, and a regular spokesman for nutrition in the media. Dale will be leading each module and delivers the live monthly sessions.

Dr Alex Richardson - Global leader in diet & brain health

The impact of Alex's 90+ research publications puts her in the top 3% of academic researchers worldwide. She is best known for her research into how nutrition (particularly fatty acids) can affect behaviour, learning and mood. A truly phenomenal teacher. 

Dr Gemma Newman - Family Physician

Gemma has worked in medicine for 15 years and has been a senior partner in a family GP practice for 10. She frequently uses diet and nutrition as a first option with her patients. Gemma teaches on the 'Diet & Mental Health' module.

Dr Alan Desmond - Consultant Gastroenterologist

As a consultant gastroenterologist, Alan works daily with conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, and uses dietary changes as his number one intervention. Alan teaches a fascinating session on our 'Digestive System' module. 

Dr Aseem Malhotra - Consultant Cardiologist

Aseem Malhotra has been a very outspoken advocate for the many misunderstandings and mistruths surrounding the links between diet, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Aseem teaches on the cardiovascular health module. This session will challenge you!

Christine Bailey - Clinical Nutritionist

The nutritionists nutritionist.  The level of depth and detail in Christine's teaching is spellbinding. Specialising in auto-immune issues, hormonal management and performance nutrition. Christine teaches on our 'Immune System' module.  


It is time to take that leap and begin your learning journey with us. If you are ready to deep dive into the fascinating World of nutrition then you are in the right place. Our vibrant student community is spread across every continent. We look forward to welcoming you as our newest family member!

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