Nutrition & Mental Health

Unlock the fascinating links between our diet and the functioning of the brain and nervous system. Learn how to use this developing science to manage common mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, with a few safe and simple dietary changes. 

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Nutrition & Mental health - A Deep Dive, in a Short Course

Learn the close relationship between our diet, our brain, and our nervous system. Learn how to use key dietary changes to assist in improving many aspects of mental health.

We are without doubt in the midst of a mental health crisis. Whilst there are so many things that are contributing to this, proper self care has become a very powerful tool in managing our mental wellbeing. 

Of all the self care tools we have available to us, diet and nutrition is the most powerful, with a significant evidence base for its use. The brain and nervous system is of course a physiological system with its own specific nutritional needs to stay healthy, and needs that vary dramatically when things start to go wrong. 


What will you learn on this course?

  • The relationship between diet and the structure of the brain.
  • How nutrition influences and regulates functioning of the brain and nervous system.
  • How things go wrong in the nervous system and how nutrition can be used as a tool to regulate this. 
  • How to devise diets and dietary strategies to support numerous mental health issues that can form a key part of a persons self care.
  • Use online lectures, written material, recorded talks, case study assignments and meal planning exercises to put learning into a real World framework.

The Mental Health Crisis Calls For Effective 'Self Care'.

Regardless of what other therapy or intervention an individual may require in the management of their mental health concerns, their own day to day self care plays a central role. Correct nutrition is a safe and incredibly effective weapon in the self care arsenal. Don't leave this powerful intervention to just guess work. 

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Your Teachers on This Programme

Dale Pinnock 

Dale Pinnock BSc (hons), PgDip (Nutr Med) is the school founder & principal. He is a nutritionist with 27 years in the profession.

Dr Gemma Newman

Dr Gemma Newman is a GP & family physician with a specific interest in the use of food and diet in clinical practice.

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Further Information

Who is this course for?

Because of the way that this course is taught, it is suitable for anyone with an interest in nutrition in relation to mental health. However, this course is especially useful for healthcare practitioners such as Nurses, GP's, Nutritional Therapists, and Health Coaches. This is because the course is fully CPD accredited and can form part of professional ongoing training. The course material is also taught with application in mind - how to put the science into practice!


How long is the course?

The beauty of this course is that there are no timelines or deadlines. It is designed for busy people. Take all the time you need to complete it. 



CMC Certificate in 'Nutrition & Mental Health'. 


How is the course taught?

The course is taught in multiple formats to suit all learning styles and to help you frame and apply the material. 

  • 100% online. 
  • Written material & downloads.
  • Podcast style audio downloads of all written content. 
  • Recorded video lectures.
  • Interview style guest teacher sessions. 
  • You can also join our Diploma students in the monthly live Q&A/teaching sessions - even after you have completed the course. 



On this course you are assessed in three ways:

  • Online exam.
  • Written case study evaluation.
  • Written evidence based dietary planning exercise.

How much does the course cost?

There are 2 payment options available for you to join this course:

  1. A one off payment of £250, or
  2. 2 monthly payments of £150
Get started with a one off payment of £250
Get started with 2 monthly payments of £150