'Mastering The Wellness Business'

A 5 Week Masterclass To Make Your Wellness Business Take Flight

"This is the course I wished existed when I first started. I have distilled my 26 years experience in the wellness industry into a 50 hour plus, actionable step by step programme. I know what works because I have walked the walk. I have created a thriving multi layered business from scratch, and I want to help you do the same."

Dale Pinnock - Culinary Medicine College Founder & Principal

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Here's a look at what you will unlock when you get access to 'Mastering the Wellness Business'..


  • How to build, grow, and nurture an audience that turns into a tribe of loyal raving fans.
  • How to market and sell to your audience without losing credibility.
  • How to build powerful, scalable, digital products that can scale your business to 6 figures and beyond with just you running the show. 
  • How to become a published author and create books that change lives and sell year in year out.
  • How to master the media and get booked for TV, radio, printed press and more as THE go to leader in your field.
  • How to create product launches and evergreen sales sequences that keep people coming into your business 24/7.
  • ....and basically everything that I have learned in 26 years in the wellness industry that has given me the business and lifestyle I have. 


You could try and piece this all together by spending hours on YouTube, and endless cycles of 'trial and error'.


Clare - Physiotherapist, Culinary Medicine & Mastering The Wellness Business Student

"This course is a MUST for anyone wondering how to get going in the digital wellness world!  Released in manageable chunks each week, every lesson is immediately actionable and you can quickly build a picture of how you might move your own digital business forward!  The key for me is that the ethos of the course is VALUE driven and this comes through in each session - whether from Dale himself or from the other industry experts who walk the walk!  If you’re a practical person and you want something you can dive right into then do it - this is the course for you!"

Clare's Insta: @physioecosse

So What's Inside?




Module 1

Leveraging social media.

The starting foundation! This is not a 2 bit 'how to get more followers' module. This combines practical steps with psychology and sales:

  • Turn followers into raving fans that will join all your programmes and purchase from you again and again, using a content approach that makes you the 'go to' resource. 
  • Use the trust and traction you have gained to market to them effectively yet subtly.
  • All the tech. All the techniques.
Module 2

Monetising your mission

The standard business model in the wellness world is built around 1 to 1. In a clinic, a gym, an office, a home, or online. One to one working to help clients achieve change and improve their health. The problem is, eventually you reach a limit. There are only so many hours in a day. If you want to scale your business and build a significant income, you have to take your business 1 to many. You have to be able to serve tens of thousands of people at once.

Learn how to create, build and market:

  • Online courses.
  • Subscription programmes.
  • Coaching programmes.
  • Build brand relationships and score brand deals. 
Module 3

Building a list & launching

Once you have created your scalable digital products, you then of course have to sell them. I will teach you how to market them effectively to your tribe of die hard fans, and also how to market them to total strangers. These are 2 very different strategies that require different psychology, communication and tactics. 


  • The language and communication needed to sell to different audiences.
  • How to get your products in front of your established audience without being all 'salesy' and creepy. 
  • How to bring complete strangers into your online world. 
  • How to set up an evergreen sales machine that works for you 24/7 
Module 4

Become a published author.

Our school founder is a Sunday Times best selling author of 19 books that are available in 22 languages. This is an area that has been a huge foundation of his career and that he knows well. In this module he will teach you:

  • How to find a killer idea in your niche, no matter how crowded.
  • How to plan a book that blows readers minds. 
  • How to create a killer proposal for agents and publishers.
  • How to take the leap and go it alone with self publishing as an option.
  • ...and a whole LOT more.

Rarely will you ever get this level of insight into this industry and how to make a smash. 

Module 5

Mastering the media.

In the final module I show you how to forge relationships with the media and become the person that they turn to for expertise in that field. I am a regular on national TV & radio, and in printed press and have previously been a columnist for the Telegraph. I know this business! Learn:

  • How to start and nurture relationships in the media. 
  • How to approach producers and bookers and stand out from the crowd. 
  • How to become the known 'go to' person in your niche that the press call on again and again. 
  • How to NAIL interviews to wow the audience and get them seeking YOUR services. 


video classes

In depth video classes including leading industry guests.

This programme is taught in video class format. With over 50 hours of video content we will walk you through tech and software, teach you techniques and concepts, show you how to create, build and master. We also bring in leading guests from the industry. Not only do you get the value of our experience, you will also get taught by BBC presenters, leading journalists, digital marketing agencies and more.

Downloadable accompanying documents

PDF downloads to accompany each lesson in each module.

Every lesson in every module comes with accompanying notes and information, and sections for you to make your own notes and brain storm. These can really help to develop your ideas and planning offline. 

A Note From Dale Pinnock


I learned the hard way but eventually pushed my way forwards...

  • I left University £50k in debt, working in a call centre, hardly able to live pay check to pay check. 
  • I tried building a social media following and an e-commerce business - the results were embarrassing and put me in even MORE debt.
  • I submitted book proposals constantly for 5 years with constant rejections or no responses. 
  • It took me 12 YEARS to get on TV.
  • I am now a multi award winning Sunday Times best selling author of 18 books that are available in 22 countries and I have done global book tours.
  • I have built a multi faceted digital wellness business that gives me freedom, purpose and legacy. 
  • I am a regular on TV, radio, and in the printed press and have been a key part of a major prime time ITV series for 5 straight seasons, and wrote the books to accompany it. 

This didn't happen by accident. I had to figure it out. I trod most of this journey alone and forged this path myself. Let me guide you with all that I have learned. 

Mastering The Wellness Business

A 5 week masterclass that will lead you by the hand and show you how to set up all the moving parts to build a scalable lucrative wellness empire.

Let us guide and mentor you towards a business you can be proud of.

Your Step By Step Roadmap To A scalable Wellness Business

  • Build a thriving scalable multi layered business that you can manage easily.
  • Learn the practices, systems, psychology and application that allows you to become THE sought out industry leader.
  • Build a powerful social media presence that allows you to constantly scale your business.
  • Build evergreen systems that deliver your products and bring in new leads 24/7, whatever else you are doing. 
  • Have us there as always to coach and support you and guide you through the maze.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and all future updates.
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